The #Unmissable Q2 Preview Event

Here at Sinclair Audi, we always get excited when a new model makes its way through our showroom doors, and the Q2 was certainly no exception. Since its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, we’ve all been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Q3’s predecessor. Audi’s campaign ethos for the Q2 was unlike any […]

Audi in The Movies

Over the years, Audi has seemingly found its own comfortable space on the big screen. Various models and concepts have featured in some of the biggest box office hits in global film; making Audi a regular on the red carpet. In amongst the glitz and glamour of hollywood, the four rings have made a number […]

History of The Audi Five-Cylinder Engine: Still Going Strong After 40 Years

Audi’s unconventional inline-five engines have developed a cult status and have played a huge part in the overall success of the brand over the last four decades. In recent times, we’ve become accustom to in-car features such as turbocharging, emissions control & entertainment systems; however, these technological breakthroughs have only been made possible through 40 […]

Audi to roll out virtual reality in German dealerships

When we heard Audi recently announce that they would start to roll out virtual reality to dealerships in the near future, we dropped everything. The technology will allow customers to experience the entire range of models in a three-dimensional, 360-degree virtual simulation. The versatile headset lets you explore every detail of the exterior and the […]

Audi Are Set to Introduce New Q8 to Top Luxury SUV Range

Q8luxSUVs and Crossovers seem to be on everyone’s wish-list at the moment, and no one does them quite like German-giants Audi. However, despite the enormous success of the Q Range Audi aren’t resting on their laurels. Firstly, there was the introduction of the Q2 – a new entry-model to the range – and now Audi will deliver a luxury Q8 model as they strive to offer more to their customers.

Audi plans to release three electric car models by 2020

Audi recently announced plans to release three electric car models by 2020, with CEO Rupert Stadler stating that electric vehicles are anticipated to account for 25-30 percent of total revenue by 2025. The announcement points towards a shift in Audi’s overall strategic direction, as they look to serve a growing segment of today’s automotive sector. […]

More Breaking Q2 Details Surface

audiq2Here at Sinclair Audi we’ve got an exciting update for you on the all new Audi Q2 which is out November this year. Having been first revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and starting from a very affordable £22,000 the supermini crossover offers a wealth of technology and features. The Q2 brings and Audi to the market which introduces new customers to the brand as well as offering strong appeal to younger consumers with a choice of colourful trim and options.

Audi unveil new plan for cars with unlimited online data

audisteeringwheelAudi have announced a deal that will see all its cars be provided with permanent SIM cars that deliver unlimited data.  The revolutionary idea will first be rolled out across his native Germany before being introduced to the UK and eventually will go worldwide.  The system means users can now use all the online functions of the Audi Connect Infotainment system without supplying their own SIM card.

Introduction of New Audi A8

sincaudia8Audi are contemplating taking on the likes the of the Mercedes S-Class and Maybach ranges in the form of longer wheelbase versions of its executive A8 model and potentially even a two door coupe version. The current Audi A8 is available as the standard A8 or the A8 L which features a longer wheelbase that the standard model.