Audi announce all the UK prices for a new 444bhp RS5

Stunning new RS5 Coupe available to order from £62,900 in May with first deliveries expected this summer. Having initially been shown off at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the RS5 Coupe is heading to our shores.  Audi have lifted the lid off more of the crucial information for us to ponder over and with prices […]

Audi Q8 Sport Concept

Audi to Introduce Google Android Integrated Infotainment System

Audi have recently showcased a new infotainment system at the Google I/O Developer Conference. Some of you may be thinking, Audi already supports Google doesn’t it? You’d be right, it currently supports Android Auto which allows for music playback, call connectivity and other features using your smartphone. The latest development from Audi takes the core […]

Audi ‘E-tron’ Electric SUV Marks Beginning of a New Era

a158939“We had, in the middle of the 1980’s, the Audi Quattro, and we also called it just ‘Quattro’.” Says Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter, board member of Audi on why the forthcoming electric Audi SUV ‘E-tron’ won’t follow the naming conventions of its brothers and sisters.  “We’re doing the same with the Audi E-tron, which is our first fully battery-powered car.”

Fog of War: The Sinclair Audi Guide to Driving in Foggy Weather

foooogConditions for motorists have taken a bit of a turn for the worst especially in the last week or so with dense fog setting in, so here at Sinclair Audi we’ve put together a top five tips to help keep you safe on the roads. Fog can leave you with such reduced visibility it can make even the most confident of drivers feeling nervous.

Audi Q3 Refresh Set for 2018

audiq3With both technology and platform updates the new Q3 will be lighter, offer more practicality as well as an executive look and feel. The Audi Q3 is the oldest SUV in the brands model line-up currently so it’s an apt time for a refresh as the Q range continues to expand.

Top Tips On Winter Driving 2016

winterdrivingWinter is finally upon us as we head into the festive season and here at Sinclair Audi we want to make sure you’re safe on the roads and give you the top tips on how to drive through what can be treacherous roads over the next few months. It isn’t just about making sure that your car is ready to tackle the terrain but also that you and your driving are as safe as can possibly be.

Audi add New Black Editions to Model Line-up

audiblackDriven by  luxury and prestige Audi are a company that continually strive to deliver only the finest vehicles, engineered and designed with you in mind. This approach means a constant desire to improve and on-going research and development into how they can improve. This tireless work has lead the German giants to unleash a brand new ‘Black Edition’ trim across a broad range of its bestselling cars.

‘SQ2’ Trademarked by Audi

sq2Audi have applied to trademark the ‘SQ2’ name with the global trademark office giving strong indications to a hot new sporty version of its smallest Q family member. Likely to feature the turbocharged engine from the Audi S3 model a small sportier looking SUV has been spotted out testing on the roads and we’re excited to find out more.

Audi At Halloween

In years gone by, Audi has relished the opportunity to get involved with seasonal holidays and events. After nostalgically looking back through the archives, it appears that Halloween is no exception to this trend. In celebration of Audi’s commitment to participate, we decided to mark this year’s event by revisiting some of Audi’s best and […]

The #Unmissable Q2 Preview Event

Here at Sinclair Audi, we always get excited when a new model makes its way through our showroom doors, and the Q2 was certainly no exception. Since its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, we’ve all been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Q3’s predecessor. Audi’s campaign ethos for the Q2 was unlike any […]

Audi in The Movies

Over the years, Audi has seemingly found its own comfortable space on the big screen. Various models and concepts have featured in some of the biggest box office hits in global film; making Audi a regular on the red carpet. In amongst the glitz and glamour of hollywood, the four rings have made a number […]

History of The Audi Five-Cylinder Engine: Still Going Strong After 40 Years

Audi’s unconventional inline-five engines have developed a cult status and have played a huge part in the overall success of the brand over the last four decades. In recent times, we’ve become accustom to in-car features such as turbocharging, emissions control & entertainment systems; however, these technological breakthroughs have only been made possible through 40 […]

Audi to roll out virtual reality in German dealerships

When we heard Audi recently announce that they would start to roll out virtual reality to dealerships in the near future, we dropped everything. The technology will allow customers to experience the entire range of models in a three-dimensional, 360-degree virtual simulation. The versatile headset lets you explore every detail of the exterior and the […]